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Training Programs

Preparing for a changing North

Sentinel North is implementing an innovative transdisciplinary scholarships strategy to encourage the development of young scientists capable of addressing the complex challenges that the North is facing.

1- Scholarships and Research Grants

Sentinel North Ph.D. scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships aim to encourage top applicants to undertake or pursue research activities within Sentinel North's research program in a transdisciplinary environment.

2- Student Mobility Grants

Through its internship scholarship program, Sentinel North seeks to foster the development of young scientists able to tackle and help resolve complex issues addressed by Sentinel North's research program, and promote the sharing of knowledge and experience across borders.

3- International Arctic Field Schools

Sentinel North International Arctic Field Schools combine a practical approach in northern and/or highly technological environments with the opportunity to interact with high-profile scientists and experts.

Innovative Training activities

Sentinel North deploys a rich program of transdisciplinary training activities aimed at addressing the complex themes of its research program. Bootcamps, workshops and conferences enliven the program's learning community.

Université Laval's unique biophotonics graduate program will also be enriched to provide our students with multisectorial training at the crossroads of environmental science, life sciences and optics-photonics.

Graduate Programs in Biophotonics

Sentinel North will enrich these unique multi-faculty graduate programs to provide multisectorial training at the crossroads of environmental science, life sciences and optics-photonics.

Support for Bootcamps

Sentinel North's bootcamp program is designed to support research teams in their efforts to train highly qualified personnel (HQP). Led by multi-disciplinary teams involving Université Laval partners and collaborators, these bootcamps will encourage integrated learning of transformative skills, as well as specialized techniques related to Sentinel North's research program.

Transversal Skills Development Workshops

Sentinel North will also offer training workshops aimed at developing transversal skills to increase our graduates' competitiveness in the job market (communications, research integrity, ethics, research funding, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, team management).