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Scholarships and Research Grants

Encouraging excellence in northern research for graduate students

Sentinel North Ph.D. scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships aim to encourage top applicants to undertake or pursue research activities within Sentinel North's research program in a transdisciplinary environment.

Outstanding candidates who have excellent academic records and research proposals with innovative, multidisciplinary potential are invited to apply. Applicants must be supervised by a multidisciplinary team.

A call for applications is issued twice a year by means of a competition. The number of fellowships offered varies from competition to competition. A number of fellowships are reserved for projects focusing on the development and deployment of innovative tools at the frontier between optics, environment and health within the framework of the FONCER "Smart, Autonomous and Adaptive Sensing" grant.

Deadline for application: May 10 and October 10

For more information on Sentinel North scholarships and training programs, please contact:

Marie-France Gévry

Training programs coordinator
418-656-2131 ext. 8910