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Knowledge Mobilization Excellence Awards

The Knowledge Mobilization Excellence Awards recognizes initiatives by students, postdoctoral fellows and research professionals from Sentinel North's community whose knowledge mobilization activities have had an impact outside the scientific community.

More specifically, the aim of this award is to highlight the potential impact of Sentinel North's research, and to encourage research teams to make efforts to promote research results to potential users outside the academic community.

The deadline for applications is October 16, 2023, 11:59 a.m. EST.


Value of prizes

Two prizes will be awarded for the best knowledge mobilization projects:

  • First prize: $1,000
  • Second prize: $500

Results will be announced at the closing reception of the Sentinel North Scientific Meeting on Thursday, November 16, 2023.


Submit an application

  • Application process


    The Knowledge Mobilization Excellence Award is open to all students, postdoctoral fellows and research professionals from Sentinel North's scientific community who have instigated a knowledge mobilization action showcasing their project in the past year. 

    The nominated individual or team must meet all of the following conditions to be eligible for the competition:

    - Have instigated a knowledge mobilization action within the last year (June 2022 to the competition deadline). Activities in the ideation or planning phase will not be considered for the 2023 edition of the Award ; 

    - Propose a knowledge mobilization initiative that builds on research funded by Sentinel North and whose objectives are relevant to Sentinel North's research program, as illustrated in its conceptual framework; 

    - Propose a knowledge mobilization initiative aimed at a non-academic audience*, such as :

    • Knowledge transfer workshops
    • Brevet
    • Media communication (radio, television, podcast)
    • Social media
    • Participation in an expert panel or community of practice
    • Ministerial report
    • Plain-language summary
    • Synthesis for decision-makers

    *For this reason, participation in a conference or publication of a scientific article are not eligible activities.

    How to apply

    Interested parties must complete this form by October 16, 2023, 11:59 am EST. If you have audiovisual material that illustrates your knowledge mobilization activity, please add it where indicated on the form.

    Evaluation criteria

    The selection criteria are as follows:

    Relevance of the activity (50%)

    • Relevance of the knowledge mobilization activity, in relation to the research project and target audiences
    • Effectiveness of the knowledge mobilization activity in engaging knowledge users

    Impact and spin-offs (50%)

    • Demonstration of the impact of the knowledge mobilization activity
    • Contribution of this original initiative to the outreach of Sentinel North's research program
  • Useful links

    Introductory video on knowledge mobilization
    (uoINSITE, University of Ottawa) 

    Some examples of knowledge mobilization actions
    (Renard Team, Université de Montréal)

    Webinars, resources, case studies and more
    (Research Impact Network Canada)

For further information, please contact

Pascale Ropars

Knowledge Mobilization Broker
418 656-2131, ext. 409366


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