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Event Support Program

Sentinel North offers support to Université Laval's researchers and research groups to hold and organize seminars, workshops, conferences, or other events that can contribute to its outreach, visibility and mission.


General Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must be a recognized researcher or research group (institute, centre, group) from Université Laval.

Sentinel North gives priority to events that correspond to its mission and strategic objectives. In its decision-making process, Sentinel North will consider the following criteria:

  • The origin and number of participants in the event.
  • Does the support allow Sentinel North to convey the desired message to the audience it wants to address?
  • Does the support provide significant visibility to Sentinel North (kiosk, oral presentation, display) or business opportunities?
  • Does the event involve the participation of Sentinel North researchers and students?


With respect to the allocation of support, Sentinel North also considers the following elements:

  • Only one financial contribution is provided to the same applicant on an annual basis.
  • Financial support renewal is not automatic from year to year, and every new request must be submitted for evaluation.
  • The long-term viability of the event, the effectiveness of its administration and the good health of its financial management.


Amounts Available and Eligibility

The requested financial support must contribute to reducing eligible expenses according to Tri-Agency's eligibility criteria. The amount awarded for individual events will be estimated in accordance to the eligibility criteria and available funds. Individual support may not exceed $20,000..

Applications may be approved in whole or in part and be accompanied by specific requirements, particularly in terms of visibility.

Sentinel North Event Support Program