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Thematic Project 2

Light as a driver, environment, and information carrier in natural environments and human health

Light is an essential vector of energy on Earth.

The exploitation of the remarkable potential of light by humans has led to profound transformations of our societies in multiple areas, including: health and safety, renewable and green energy, networking and communications, and the exploration of the multiple environments of our planet. In the North, major seasonal variations in photoperiod, vegetation, snow cover and ice cover lead to significant variability in the availability and quality of light affecting ecosystems and societies.

This thematic project brings together nearly 50 Université Laval professors from 7 faculties and 13 departments, working with their collaborators on 8 complementary subprojects using a transdisciplinary approach. Using new optical sensors and technologies deployed in a northern context, their main objectives are to: investigate the propagation of light through space and matter; study the influence of light on physiology and biorhythms; detect climatically active compounds; and generate sustainable energy.

Steering Committee for Thematic Project 2

Members of the steering committee

Réal Vallée, Director
Department of physics, physical engineering and optics

Philippe Archambault
Department of biology

Claude Demers
Department of architecture



Jérôme Lapointe
418 656-2131, ext. 3807