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Winners of the 2018 Sentinel North Scientific Poster Competition

Published on 11 Sep 2018

Sentinel North congratulates once again the winners of the scientific poster competition of its 2018 Annual Meeting ! Congratulations to the 60 participants and special thanks to the evaluation committee. The competition was fierce!


sentinel north 2018 scientific poster cometition


From left to right:

  • Yves De Koninck, Scientific Director, Sentinel North

  • Marie-France Gévry, Training Program Coordinator, Sentinel North

  • Mrs. Sophie D'Amours, Rector of Université Laval

  • Audrey Picard-Lafond, honorable mention ($ 250) - Ph.D in chemistry, laboratory of Dominic Larivière and Denis Boudreau. "Enabling country food monitoring through a fluorescent Hg(II)-responsive sensor”

  • Victor Azzi, third place ($ 400) - Ph.D. in biophotonics, COPL-IUCPQ, under the direction of Denis Boudreau and André Marette. "Novel “sensor-in-fibre” optical probes for molecular sensing in the gastro-intestinal tract of murine models of cardiometabolic diseases”

  • Audrey Laberge-Carignan, first place ($ 1 000) - Master's in chemistry, under the direction of Dominic Larivière and Jean Ruel. "Development of an analytical strategy for the field dissolution of targeted species in country foods"

  • Alexis Lebrun, second place ($ 600) - Master's in biophotonics, CHU-Québec's Laboratory of molecular pharmacology, under the direction of Denis Boudreau and Olivier Barbier. "Development of new surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy (SERS) fiber probes for in vivo and real-time identification of bile acid markers of the microbiota activity"

  • Pauline Herst, honorable mention ($ 250) - Ph.D. in animal sciences, Centre de recherche en reproduction, développement et santé intergénérationnelle, under the direction of Janice Bailey. "Does the apple fall far from the tree? In utero exposure to persistent organic"

  • Martin Fortier, Executive Director, Sentinel North

  • Christophe Perron, honorable mention ($ 250) - Master's in biophotonics, Takuvik laboratory and Psychiatry and Neurophotonics Research Laboratory, under the direction of Marcel Babin and Pierre Marquet. "Development of a reflectance probe to measure sea ice inherent optical properties"

  • Eugénie Brouillet, Vice Rector, Research, Creation and Innovation, Université Laval