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Communication and Outreach

Mobilizing to disseminate and promote knowledge

Sentinel North’s communications initiatives aim to highlight interdisciplinary and innovative research of Université Laval’s teams. The success of the program’s outreach and knowledge dissemination efforts stems from the contributions of an engaged community, high-impact publications, and numerous national and international activities.

Compendium of Research

compendium of research sentinel north

The Compendium of Research presents selected research highlights from publications, scientific communications and knowledge dissemination initiatives by Sentinel North-funded research teams between 2017 and 2022.

Presented in five integrated chapters, this Compendium is a reference for informed decision-making, a gateway to a wealth of research data, and a source of insight for tackling the complex issues of a changing North through innovative, interdisciplinary approaches.

Scientific Meeting

The next Scientific Meeting will take place in May 2025 at the Quebec city Convention Centre. More details will be announced soon.

Disseminating results for knowledge uptake and innovation


scientific communications


peer-reviewed publications, until now


interdisciplinary score of SN publications (worldwide reference = 1)