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Mobilizing for impact: knowledge mobilization resources

More and more, knowledge mobilization (KM) is becoming a key dimension of research. This page aims to inform and provide teams with resources to facilitate the transformation of data and knowledge into actions leading to real and lasting impacts for society.


KM, the link between research and its impact


fiche mobilisation des connaissances sentinelle nord

KM refers to a wide range of actions linked to the production and use of research results. It also includes the mobilization of researchers' expertise. Here are a few examples of KM actions:

  • Patent
  • Governmental report
  • Knowledge transfer workshops
  • Plain language summaries
  • Social media and podcasts
  • Synthesis for decision-makers
  • Participation in a radio/TV show
  • Expert panel participation


Why is impact important in research?

Impact means an effect, change or benefit for society beyond the academic sphere. Impact can be environmental, political, cultural, social and behavioral, but it can also strengthen the skills of different research users.

In addition to providing societal benefits, the impact of your research is of great importance to your funders. The greater the impact, the more likely are funding agencies to be able to justify their investment and thus encourage its continuation.



Strategies for integrating KM into your research project


stratégies mobilisation des connaissances sentinelle nord

As there are many different types of KM activities, each with a different impact, it is essential to clearly define your objectives and the audiences you want to reach.

Whether you want to mobilize your research in northern communities or influence government decision-making, this fact sheet is a good starting point for structuring your actions.



Useful links

Introductory video on knowledge mobilization
(uoINSITE, University of Ottawa) 

Some examples of knowledge mobilization actions
(Renard Team, Université de Montréal)

Webinars, resources, case studies and more
(Research Impact Network Canada)


For further information, please contact

Pascale Ropars

Knowledge Mobilization Broker
418 656-2131, ext. 409366