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Thematic Project 1

Complex systems: structure, function and interrelationships in the North

The North, with its various interconnected networks, is a vast and complex system currently undergoing rapid climatic, ecological, social and economic changes.

The main objective of this Thematic project is to acquire a better understanding of the complex systems of the North, their internal logic and their mutual interactions.

Researchers will explore northern systems at every scale, from the microscopic (microbiomes), to the mesoscopic (biodiversity, infrastructure), and the macroscopic (permafrost, ecosystems, societies), combined with the development of powerful digital models, as well as a new generation of optical sensors with multiple networking capabilities.

Sub-Projects of thematic project 1

Steering Committee for Thematic Project 1

René Therrien, Director
Department of geology and geological engineering

Frédéric Maps, Co-Director
Departement of biology

Leslie Rusch, Co-Director
Department of electrical engineering and computer engineering