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Thematic Project 2

Light as a driver, environment, and information carrier in natural environments and human health

Light is an essential vector of energy on Earth.

At high latitudes, the large seasonal variations in photoperiod and snow and ice cover cause significant variability in the availability and quality of light affecting ecosystems and societies.

One of the objectives of this thematic project is to study the propagation of light through different substrates, its interaction with matter, and its influence on physiology and biorhythms.

The design and use of new optical sensors and technologies will also allow the study of bio- and geochemical processes, the detection of climatically active compounds, and sustainable energy production.

Sub-Projects of thematic project 2

Steering Committee for Thematic Project 2


Réal Vallée, Director
Department of physics, physical engineering and optics

Philippe Archambault
Department of biology

Claude Demers
Department of architecture