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Activity Report

Sentinel North invites you to discover its Activity Reports, shedding light on the many achievements of its community of professors, researchers, students, research professionals, partners and collaborators.


2019-2020 sentinel north 2019-2020 activity report

While illustrating the highlights and results emerging from our transdisciplinary research program, this activity report reflects the tremendous momentum that Sentinel North has gained since the launch of our research and training activities in 2017.

Read the 19-20 report


2018-2019 sentinel north activity report 2018-2019

On the brink of the program's Phase II, Sentinel North highlights the results and accomplishments of its community, which have contributed to a new research dynamic at Université Laval.


Read the 18-19 report


2017-2018 sentinel north activity report 2017-2018

Since its implementation, Sentinel North has seen a vast network of actors mobilize to develop innovative research projects and deploy numerous initiatives to support research, training, valorisation and foster partnerships.


Read the 17-18 report