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  • Fall 2021 Training workshops

    This Fall, hone your skills with the new online workshops offered by Sentinel North and its partners. With some of the most qualified speakers in their field, these workshops are open to every... read more

  • Sentinel North excellence scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships competition

    Be part of the new generation of scientists for the North! Sentinel North announces its excellence scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships competition, from September 1 to October 13, 2021.

    ... read more
  • Sentinel North and Université Laval among leaders in microbiome research

    Université Laval’s Sentinel North program is enabling teams that are advancing our knowledge on the microbiome. As highlighted below, Sentinel North supports novel interdisciplinary research and th... read more

  • A research chair to better understand permafrost in Nunavik

    Nunavik has been hard hit by thawing permafrost, which has caused extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure, made travel in the region riskier, and limited the hunting, fishing, and gatherin... read more

  • Historic specimens highlight the key role viruses play in Arctic ecosystems

    A collaboration between several centers and departments of Université Laval and the Natural History Museum of London suggests new avenues to better understand the key role of viruses in Arctic ecos... read more

  • Sentinel North Scientific Conferences

    With its Scientific Conferences, Sentinel North invites you to discover innovative interdisciplinary research results and the finalists of its scientific videos competition, in a dynamic and engagi... read more

  • New research projects for Sentinel North

    Sentinel North begins 2021 with the funding of 14 new projects that will enrich its collaborative research program aimed at improving our understanding of the northern environment and its impact on... read more

  • 2020 Scholarships and fellowships recipients

    Congratuations to all recipients of Sentinel North excellence scholarships and fellowships of the Fall 2020 competition! Their highly innovative research projects will be a great contribution to Se... read more

  • Two Sentinel North teams among the 10 discoveries of the year in Québec Science

    Of the 10 discoveries of the year 2020 according to Québec Science magazine, two are from Université Laval teams participating in the Sentinel North strategy.

    A team led by André Marette ... read more

  • Workshops and training activities of the Fall

    This fall, Sentinel North and its partners are offering a rich program of hands-on workshops and online conferences featuring some of the most qualified experts in their field. These workshops offe... read more