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Pour ne rien manquer de Sentinelle Nord

  • Towards a better understanding of the migration rate of large rivers in permafrost regions

    A team of international researchers monitoring the impact of climate change on large rivers in Arctic Canada and Alaska determined that, as the region is sharply warming ... read more

  • Activity Report 2021-2022

    With a completely revamped look and web experience, the 2021-2022 Activity Report will take you at the heart of the stories marking a banner year for convergent research.

    Togeth... read more

  • Play, Model, Integrate : Advanced Field School in Computational Ecology

    With a novel experiential game-based approach, participants to this school will be introduced to state-of-the-art methods for monitoring and modelling behaviour and interactions in animal ecology, ... read more

  • Arctic Snow School

    To be held in the Canadian High-Arctic, this field school will provide an advanced hands-on training to better understand the dynamic processes of Arctic snow, its relationship to climate and wildl... read more

  • 2022 Scientific Meeting : Congratulations to the winners of the poster competition

    Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Scientific Meeting Poster Competition! Thanks to all 88 participants and to the 30 members of the evaluation committee for this memorable edition!

    ... read more
  • Participate in the Knowledge Mobilization Ideas Challenge

    You have ideas for funding competitions or new initiatives to encourage knowledge mobilization? Share them and win a $500 prize if your idea is selected. The Ideas Challenge aims to generate t... read more

  • A new research chair to develop and maintain resilient infrastructures for northern communities

    In the face of climate change, the need to develop and maintain reliable and safe infrastructures for northern communities and natural resources in the northern regions of Quebec and Canada require... read more

  • Exceptional season for fieldwork

    Several Sentinel North teams have traveled to the North over the past few months to carry on with their research activities, meet with their northern partners, collect valuable data or deploy techn... read more

  • Call for Abstracts : Scientific Meeting 2022

    After more than two years apart, we are thrilled to invite you to the Quebec City Convention Centre from October 25-27 for the 2022 Sentinel North Scientific Meeting, an occasion to establish new c... read more

  • Together, Inuit and Scientists tackle ‘forever pollutants’

    Results obtained through a research partnership between the Inuit of Nunavik and scientists at Université Laval are proving to be key for Canada’s pro... read more