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Knowledge mobilization at the heart of the Sentinel North strategy

You have ideas for funding competitions or new initiatives to encourage knowledge mobilization? Share them and win a $500 prize if your idea is selected.

  • Deadline to submit your ideas: October 24, 2022.

Knowledge mobilization is the process of transforming the knowledge generated by research projects into active use for the common good of society. It is an iterative and interactive process of knowledge sharing between producers and users of research, including stakeholders, policy makers, practitioners and community members. It encompasses a wide range of activities, including knowledge synthesis, dissemination, transfer and exchange, and co-creation or co-production by researchers and knowledge users.

In addition to the activities carried out by its research teams, Sentinel North also deploys knowledge mobilization initiatives such as an author fund and a technology maturation fund.

Objective of the Ideas Challenge

The Ideas Challenge aims to generate new initiatives that could be implemented by the Sentinel North administrative center to highlight the efforts and/or encourage new concrete actions in terms knowledge mobilization from its research teams.

Proposed ideas should address one or two of the following questions:

  • What initiative would encourage and support concrete knowledge mobilization actions?
  • What initiative would highlight the achievements of research teams in their knowledge mobilization goals?


Your ideas can benefit the Sentinel North community in its knowledge mobilization efforts, share them!

The Ideas Challenge is open to the entire Sentinel North research community, its collaborators and its partners.

The author(s) of the winning idea(s) will receive a $500 prize and will be invited to develop the idea(s) with the Sentinel North administrative team for a launch of the new initiative(s) in November 2022.


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