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Internship Scholarship Program For International Students

Program objectives

An international scholarship program is available to international students for an internship in the laboratories of Université Laval researchers participating in research projects funded by Sentinel North's research program. Through this program, Sentinel North seeks to attract new talent, foster the development of young international scientists able to tackle and help resolve complex northern issues, and encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience across borders.

More specifically, the program aims to encourage international students to:

  • Contribute their expertise to research projects funded by Sentinel North
  • Establish ties by taking advantage of exceptional research and networking opportunities at Université Laval laboratories
  • Help increase opportunities for collaboration between Université Laval and their home institutions abroad

Support is granted for two- to six-month internships at Université Laval. The maximum financial support available per application is$7,500 and covers living expenses, mandatory health and hospitalization insurance during the stay in Québec City, and a portion of the fees for attending a conference or training activity. Please refer to the specific program terms and conditions for complete details.

Students from all disciplines whose research proposals align with Sentinel North's research program.

Call for applications

Applicants may apply any time during the year. Applications must be submitted at least four months before the requested travel date. They will be examined on a first-come, first-served basis, with scholarships awarded based on the funds available for each internship period.

The budget available for the program is renewed annually by April 1. We urge students to submit their applications at the beginning of each period to maximize their odds of obtaining a scholarship.

  • Eligibility criteria

    Applicants must meet all the following conditions to be eligible for the program:

    • Be currently registered full time in a Master's or Ph.D. program at a university outside Québec

    • Be invited by a regular Université Laval professor involved in a research project funded by Sentinel North who agrees to supervise the applicant during their study period at Université Laval

    • The project must be aligned with Sentinel North's research program

    • The internship at Université Laval must be for a period of two to six months, and its objectives must be consistent with Sentinel North's research program.

    To remain eligible for funding during an internship at Université Laval, applicants must maintain full-time student status in their graduate studies program at their home university.

  • Application procedure

    The following documents must be included with the application:

    • The scholarship application form

    • The applicant's résumé (up to five pages)

    • A copy of the applicant's university transcripts

    • A maximum one-page recommendation letter from the research supervisor justifying the relevance and added value of the internship to the applicant's academic and/or scientific progress

    Applications and all required documents must be sent in a single email to The subject of the message must begin with the candidate's last name and first name and clearly state the name of the scholarship program applied for. An acknowledgment of receipt will automatically be sent to confirm receipt of the documents.

    After scholarships are granted by the evaluation committee, applicants from certain disciplines or certain countries must take steps to obtain the required legal documents before traveling to Québec (work permit and/or letter from Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec [RAMQ] confirming they are eligible for the Québec health insurance plan, where applicable).

    Applicants should allow 8 to 12 weeks to complete these steps. Read the complete details on work permits and Québec health insurance.
    In the event that equivalency has been granted for courses completed at other institutions or in previous programs, transcripts for those courses must be included with the application. For academic transcripts from institutions outside North America, applicants must attach a letter explaining the grading system in effect at the institution in question. For original transcripts issued in a language other than English or French, a translation must be provided.

  • Application evaluation

    Applications are assessed and judged by the Sentinel North evaluation committee according to the evaluation criteria and weighting process. Only proposals consistent with Sentinel North's research program and supported by applicants' supervisors will be considered.

    Indicators by evaluation criteria

    Quality of the student's academic record and aptitude for research (40 points)

    • Cumulative grade point averages for bachelor's and Master's studies

    • Student's experience and achievements

    General quality of the internship proposal (35 points)

    • Justification of the choice of the Université Laval research supervisor and the host laboratory

    • Support proposed by the host laboratory

    • Clarity of the scientific objectives set out in the internship proposal

    • Appropriateness of the methodology in relation to the internship objectives and the student's expertise

    • Feasibility of the proposed activities (budget, timelines, expected results)

    • Relevance of the proposal in relation to Sentinel North's research program

    • Multidisciplinary nature of the internship or the contribution of more than one discipline to carry it out

    Added value of the proposed internship (25 points)

    • Added value of the proposed internship in relation to the student's current graduate studies program (link and expected benefits)

    • Recommendation letter from student's current research supervisor (at student's home university)

    Announcement of the results

    Each applicant will receive an email informing them of the evaluation committee's decision within four weeks of receipt of their application.

    Applicants must accept or decline the scholarship within ten (10) business days of receipt of the notice of award by sending an email to If acceptance is not received within this time limit, applicants will be deemed to have declined the scholarship.

    Sentinel North's decisions are final and binding.

  • Specific program terms and conditions

    Validity period of financial support

    • The research internship at Université Laval must start within one year of receipt of the notice of award. If a student decides to begin their stay before the evaluation committee announces its results, Sentinel North will not be responsible for expenses incurred if the student's application is deemed inadmissible or for any expenses incurred before the date of award.

    • A funded internship must be completed before initial submission of a Master's or Ph.D. thesis.

    Budgetary aspects

    • The applicant's estimated budget will be reviewed when the application is evaluated by the committee.

    • Eligible expenses include living expenses in Québec ($1,000/month), mandatory health and hospitalization insurance for international students according to the rate in effect (unless exempted), and registration fees for conferences/internships (up to$500).

    • Costs incurred to obtain legal documents are not eligible expenses.

    • The Sentinel North Internship Scholarship Program for International Students does not cover costs directly related to research. Such costs must be covered by other funding sources.

    Required documents

    • A signed internship agreement between Université Laval, the student, and the student's home university is required prior to the student's arrival at Université Laval. This agreement must, at a minimum, specify the dates of the internship, the responsibilities of the parties, and the student's main activities. Detailed instructions on the preparation of this agreement will be shared with the scholarship recipient in the award letter.

    • Scholarships are awarded on the condition that students obtain the required legal travel documents (visa, work permit, etc.), where applicable. Obtaining such documents is the sole responsibility of students.

    Payment of financial support

    • Sentinel North will pay the student a monthly allowance from the first day of their internship in Québec City upon receipt of the signed internship agreement and required legal documents.

    • Sentinel North will pay the costs of mandatory health and hospitalization insurance for international students directly to Université Laval, unless the student is exempt from taking out such insurance.

    • Fees for conferences and internships (up to$500) will be reimbursed upon presentation of original supporting documents deemed compliant by Université Laval.

    • A deduction of$500 will be made from the student's last monthly allowance and paid to the student at the end of their internship when their planned knowledge transfer activities have been satisfactorily completed (see next section for details).

    Expected knowledge transfer activities and reports

    At the end of an internship, the scholarship holder will be invited to present the results of their experience at their host laboratory. The student must also produce a maximum two-page report on their training experience describing the activities carried out during the internship and/or the training received, and how the internship has contributed to their research and career plan.


    • Internships whose main objective is attending a conference or symposium are not eligible.

    • Students may not apply for more than one internship per degree program.

    • Before doing an exchange, students must complete the equivalent of at least one year of full-time study in their selected program.

    Further details on the procedure for awarding scholarships

    The selection criteria are subject to change from one competition to the next. In such cases, modifications will be duly posted at the start of each competition.

For more information, please contact:

Marie-France Gévry

Training programs coordinator
418-656-2131 ext. 408910


Sentinel North Internship Scholarship Program For International Students