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2021 Scientific Meeting: congratulations to the winners!

Published on 23 Nov 2021

We invite you to discover the winners of the 2021 Scientific Meeting poster and oral presentation competitions! Congratulations to all participants for a high caliber competition. 

For all details about the 2021 Sentinel North Scientific Meeting, click here.


Oral presentations

réunions scientifique sentinelle nord jean-christophe gauthierFirst place ($1500)

Jean-Christophe Gauthier – Physics, physical engineering and optics

Photoacoustic remote gas sensing


réunion scientifique sentinelle nord frédéric dulude debroinSecond place ($1000)

Frédéric Dulude-de Broin – Biology

Influence of fox predation and the physical environment on prey distribution in an arctic terrestrial community


réunion scientifique sentinelle nord katarzyna dudekThird place ($500)

Katarzyna Anna Dudek – Psychiatry and neuroscience

Role of the endocannabinoid system in stress resilience and depression: A master regulator of neurovascular health



réunions scientifique sentinelle nord till grohFirst place ($1000)

Till Groh – Geology and geological engineering

First steps towards establishing an early warning system for natural hazards in Nunavik, Québec, Canada


réunion scientifique sentinelle nord arianne côtéSecond place ($500)

Arianne Côté – Architecture

Towards a more autonomous housing system in Nunavik


réunion scientifique sentinelle nord camille daunizeauEx aequo : Third place ($250)

Camille Daunizeau – Social and preventive medicine

Food and gut microbiota of young Nunavik Inuit: rationale and description of planned analysis


réunion scientifique sentinelle nordl lauris talbotEx aequo : Third place ($250)

Lauris Talbot – Physics, physical engineering and optics

Development of Volume Bragg gratings for the hyperspectral imaging of greenhouse gases